Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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Which surveillance camera | Your buying guide

A surveillance camera can deter burglars and is more often used as evidence. Which surveillance camera you need for which purpose, what you should consider with night vision and what the legal basis is. You can find out here in the buying guide

Christmas decorations | Christmas villages illuminated

As a Christmas decoration, she is lovingly built. From everywhere this window decoration shines in the houses of the people who come up with something special at this time. Illuminated Christmas villages may take a bit of space, but they can be the oasis of the Christmas spirit and the associated retreat.

Salt inhaler Top 10

Why is the salt so beneficial for our respiratory system, what illnesses can be kept in check, what are the opportunities to feel the sea air home and for whom that may be less. The salty air, here is our salt inhaler - Guide.

Wireless Christmas Tree Candles Top 10

There are always newer variants. Whether small LED`s, colorful lights, big or small lamps. Recently you will find more and more offers about wireless Christmas tree candles.

Snow chains - more grip in winter

In this guide we discuss the grip issue and have put together the most important thing about snow chains.

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Warm winter jacket Top 10

Which materials are suitable for whom? Which price do you have to expect? Which properties are useful, which are only in second place? So that there is no disappointment and you have to put 3 sweater on top of each other under the new winter jacket, we have looked closer here.

Tips for life


Huawei P30 Pro | Review

We have it up to date and give our experience and details here. The new Huawei P30 Pro has a lot to offer photography lovers in particular. We introduce it, make a fact check and get the pixels from the display.

Advent calendar for making your own Catrice

Here I introduce a DIY advent calendar by Catrice.

Test: love balls with remote control - Vibroei with remote control

Tested: The BeQool love balls - with remote control as a lay-on vibrator. Ladies and dear couples, I have tested this Vibroei with remote control and can ...


Home & garden


Test: B / W laser printer from HP | HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28w

Now and then printing and copying with a printer via WLAN from a PC or smartphone. Color prints are not important. It shouldn't be ink either. Budget up to € 200. With these specifications and a little research, the choice fell on a B / W laser printer from HP, the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28w. According to the information, this laser printer is even the smallest in its class. You can read the setup and test in the post.

Test: Tribit Stormbox | Outdoor bluetooth speaker

Looking for a Bluetooth jukebox for the garden, on the go by bike or on the beach, I came across the Tribit Stormbox after research. Why the choice fell on this one and my experience with the Stormbox from Tribit, you can read here in the article.

12in1 USB-C Hub | Aukey docking station

Notebooks lose more and more connections or old ones fall victim to progress. Multi-hubs are the alternative to making lost or more connections available to a notebook or other devices. The Aukey 12in1 USB-C hub covers many connections and is immediately ready for use with a USB-C plug-in. Here is my experience and impressions of the Aukey docking station.

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SodaButler for Sodastream bottles | save 20% now

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Induction charger for smartphones | save 30 now

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Inductive charger | save 45% now

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